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Items posted 10/27/2015

Abi, the world famous and much beloved classic model of brief-style panties wearing a pair of our "Super Silky" Panties!

As reported in the Daily Mail...

Granny Panties Are Back

By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff
Posted Aug 9, 2010 11:05 AM CDT

NEWSER) – In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense: Big butts are trendy, so why not big panties? Yes, the thong is out, and granny panties are in, reports the Daily Mail. We can thank Mad Men and its waist-cinching styles for this new trend toward high-waisted undies—especially the slimming variety, which supposedly give you an Christina Hendricks-esque hourglass figure.

Retailers say the rise in sales of larger-than-life panties (up 42% in three months, according to one survey) can also be attributed to larger-than-life stars like Lady Gaga, who frequently substitute underwear for pants. But these aren’t really your grandma’s granny panties: They are now “sexy as well as comfortable,” with “lace, ruffles, and accessories,” says one lingerie expert.


Sales of 'Big Butt' Panties Soar

By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff
Posted Jul 22, 2010 6:10 AM CDT

NEWSER) – Perhaps you scoffed when you first read about Booty Pop padded panties, but the line has gone from being hawked on late-night infomercials to Bath & Beyond and—and nearly 1 million sales are expected this year. It was started by two college friends who read about the popularity of the butt lift (last year saw a 37% increase in the procedure over 2008) and envisioned a cheaper path to a plumper butt.

“We saw the product and two words came into my head: Kim Kardashian,” says the owner of a Los Angeles boutique that started selling the panties. (The Wall Street Journal actually asked “Ms. Kardashian” for a quote, but she “had no comment.”) Other retailers, including Maidenform, Victoria’s Secret, and Frederick's of Hollywood, are jumping on the padded panty bandwagon—and most women love it. “It's not so hot to have a pancake ass these days,” says one satisfied customer.


Exposed in Granny Panties

Dear Cynthia,

When my mom went shopping, I told her I wanted some nice panties instead of the boring old white cotton bikinis she always bought for me. She came home with these waist-high bright flowered panties. Actually, I liked them, especially since they were made of a slick satiny material. I complained to mom that so many of my pants and shorts were low rise and they would show, but she just told me to keep my blouse or top tucked in and they wouldn't show.

Then, the next day i started wearing them, and i loved the feel of the satin on my skin. Every now and then I'd even sneak a feel between the buttons of my blouse just to touch them. That afternoon I went to my friend Candy's house and we were bouncing on their backyard trampoline. Well, my blouse flew up in back in no time flat but I was having such a fun time I didn't even think about my panties showing a bit but they were. Besides it was just Candy and me there.

Just then, Candy's big, handsome, hunky brother Mark came outside. He took one look at me and said, "Hey, Mary, I like your fancy flowered granny panties!" I was so ashamed that I tried to pull down my blouse at the same time as i was trying to stop jumping but ended up pulling my blouse completely out of my shorts and with my shorts now clinging to my body only through my satin panties, my shorts slid right down my legs on the next jump!

It all happened so fast; I was stunned. Then being completely shamed with Mark laughing and pointing at me, he whistled and said, "Did you run out of panties today and have to borrow a pretty pair of your mom's?"

As I got off the trampoline and started to run for the house, Candy said to Mark, "If you think her panties are so pretty maybe she'll let you borrow them sometime!" He smiled and said, "Anytime! Hey, I'd wear them!"

So now whenever Mark sees me, he calls me "flower girl" or "panty girl!" And every time I see him, I wonder if he's wearing some granny panties!*

Mary, Phoenix


Panties Not Fancy Enough for Me!

Hi Cynthia,

I belong to the Y here in New York and have met a lot of really cool friends there. I love to hang out with them in the locker room, and chat. We always shows each other our bras and panties, and just for laughs parade around in front of each other like lingerie models. Then each week we started wearing nicer and nicer lingerie and it was almost a competition. But then, almost as a joke, last year, we formed a cool underwear club. We discovered we all like old-fashioned lingerie and now that's all we all wear, and at our weekly swim times we try to outdo each other with the fanciest lingerie imaginable. And this past month, when I couldn't find anything fancy enough in stores or online, I decided to sew a lot of lace and bows on a nice pair of nylon briefs for the next time we got together, i was the winner hands down! Pictured above are my hand-decorated panties.

Pam, Queens


Vintage Girly Magazine Cover

We live in my parent's old home ever since they retired to Florida. We finally got around to cleaning out the attic and I found a bunch of my dad's old girly magazines from the 1950s and 60s. They had quite a few pictures of ladies in old-fashioned briefs. I'm attaching this one with a woman in some nice, sleek black nylon panties. enjoy!



Panty Wedgie

I just had to give my friend a wedgie when I saw her vintage briefs sticking out way above her low-cut jeans!



Trophy Wife's Shame is His Pleasure

I came across your site because i was shopping for vintage panties to buy for my wife. I grew up in the early 1960s in a very female-oriented household and I became hopelessly hooked on females wearing those beautiful old-fashioned high-waisted silky panties. My mother and three sisters wore very frilly ones all the time, and even a very young boy notices such things, especially when it was easy to catch them dressing and undressing. I'm sure they all thought i was too young to be interested in such things -- but I was!

I was very interested in girls and I made a point of finding out what kind of panties the girls in school, my neighborhood and relatives wore either through catching a glimpse under their skirts, seeing their panties on a clothesline, sneaking into their bedrooms or a dozen other ways I devised to see, touch and learn.

By the time I got into high school, my hormones were surging. I was too young to date but I did manage to develop a lot of relationships with girls. I would walk home with them from school, help families in the neighborhood that had daughters I liked and did every other kind of thing just to be around girls with the goal of finding out all about the kind of panties they wore! This was the late and mid 1960s and bikinis were coming into fashion! I hated them; I was totally hooked on full-cut briefs and wasn't about to develop a new panty fetish. No, I didn't wear panties. I never even thought of doing that. No, my attraction was to see a girl in pretty high-waisted panties.

Well, my early life of secretly chasing after panties and being very creative in finding ways to have panty sightings, plus my ability to always have a clever excuse if I did get caught somewhere where I shouldn't have been or doing something I shouldn't have been doing -- came with a big payoff; I became quite clever and an extreme manipulator of situations that really paid off once I got out of college and went into the business world. I became a very successful investment banker and prided myself in taking on the toughest assignments and convincing businesses to merge and top executives to follow my advice. The result: Today, I get paid very handsomely. I have three pricey cars and a huge mansion for a home -- and a trophy wife. I can pretty much afford most anything I want and my closest friends include many famous and very important people. 

My wife (third wife) is 32 years younger than I am. She's a wonderful and exciting woman. Of course, she wears beautiful vintage panties for my sake. And, yes, all her girlfriends know she wears them; you know how women get together and talk. They sometimes kid her about it and on her birthday or other occasion, they sometimes even buy her some beautiful vintage panties -- I'm sure as much as a joke or anything, but her friends have given her some gorgeous panties over the years. 
Last year, we were with a group of our friends on a bus tour of several night clubs in Aruba. When we stopped at the third club, a comedy magician was performing and he asked my wife to join him on stage to help with a card trick. We did not suspect anything, and we had no idea that an air compressor was under the stage. After she picked a card and wrote the name of it on a blackboard so the audience could see but the magician couldn't, she put the card back in the deck. After a minute of small talk, he pretended like he was having a hard time trying to figure out her card, so he said he need some help from some powerful spirits. He waved his hands and tossed the deck of card to my wife. she, of course, grabbed for them and that's when an operator turned on the air machine and my wife's skirt flew all the way up. Her skirt was completely inverted and her pale purple panties with lovely white and darker purple lace were exposed all the way up to her waist for everyone to see! The wind was so strong, she had trouble getting her skirt down as she was frantically trying to cover her panties. The guys in the audience whistled and yelled. It gave me a real turn on that I did not expect. Initially, she was mad at the magician but managed to smile and be a good sport about it. The magician pretended to apologize and thanked her and then had her turn her back to the audience and that's when we all saw she had stuck to the back of her blouse a giant size card that, of course, was the card she picked!

When we left and got back on the bus, all of the men in our group commented favorably on my wife's ornately frilled panties. I loved it when she whispered to me, "I'm so embarrassed; everyone now knows that I wear old-fashioned panties!"

There was a photographer at the club and he gave us a picture that I have enclosed. Of course, my wife's friends knew the type of frilly panties she wears, but their husbands and men friends didn't, but they do now, and that is what she found so embarrassing because she's known for dressing in the latest fashions and thought it went against her fashionista image! I, of course, found the whole episode a fantastic panty thrill!

Zane, San Diego

P.S. I can't wait to get the panties I just ordered from you.


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